Central Oregon's Public Range

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Archery         General Regulations & Rules  

Maureen ArcheryArchery  opened Father's Day weekend.  There are 9 individual stations with over 24 targets from 10 to 100 yards in natural terrain accessed from a gravel road so they are accessible to all.  4 bags will be supported by juniper limbs and 16 tripod supports. 21 bags open at all times and 3D(4) on the first weekend of each month.  Arrow pullers for the disabled will be needed.
No broad heads allowed.  We have some crossbow targets and plan on more.Archery
Your input and ideas are welcome.  Future plans include a 90 meter/100 year competition course with 5 shoot positions which can also be used for youth training and a true walk through 3D course.
If you would like a pre opening tour contact denny@bendbroadband.com
Hours are 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m.