Welcome to Sporting Clays and 5 Stand!

Our discipline offers Sporting Clays, Five Stand, a Patterning Station and Certified Instruction all successfully run by volunteers. The facility is group300purposely designed for novice and expert levels of shooters whether it is one shooter or a group. We recently added a wireless card reader system allowing for accurate target counts and time delay for the single shooter.

Lodge Area: You will be greeted by a knowledgeable member to assist with your shooting needs for the day. Bring your shotgun, hearing and eye protection and shells 7.5 and smaller target loads only.

Sporting Clays:   Follow the signs to the Sporting Clays range. Our Sporting Clay course includes 10-14 stations, depending on the day of shooting, with targets appearing from 20+ different presentations. A great simulation of rabbits, waterfowl and upland birds that will offer the novice success and the veteran shooting a challenge.

Five Stand: 5 Stations with multiple machines provides a fun shooting area where you can observesporting300 multiple birds sportingclayresizefrom one location. It is a type of shotgun sport combining sporting clays, trap and skeet. Shooters shoot in turn at the various combinations of clay birds.

ATV: Designated parking for ATV trailers for those that choose to ride through our pathways.

We welcome you to Sporting Clays and hope that you will join our adventure. Bring a friend or join in with a group. Visit our blog for additional information.

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