Filling the ranks of Range Safety Officers has been an ongoing project at Redmond Rod and Gun Club.  This is a volunteer position which is required for the club to keep the Rifle Pistol venue open.

There are few personal advantages, you save a little money as you receive premier membership for the cost of an annual.  And you receive a key so that you can shoot even when the club is closed.  You have a range open within a few miles of town, and it is safe, clean and a public asset.  When you realize the public benefits of the Redmond Rod and Gun Club, and how that extends to the entire shooting community, and how you being involved as an RSO enables that to continue, you then realize the biggest advantage to you and our entire community.

People are trained there from young to old,  we have Hunter Education, Boy Scouts, 4-H, High School Shooting Teams, and safe weapon handling classes for concealed carry permit applicants.  Ongoing marksmanship training, specialized training for handguns, rifles, shotguns and home defense.  Law enforcement and armed security officer training.    Your training, your experiences, your safe handling skills are a valuable commodity and they influence the shooters who come to the club.

The minimum expectation of an RSO time wise is two shifts per month.  Many of us contribute more through work parties.  Some work only summers, some work 4 shifts then take a month off.  It is a volunteer position, not a lifetime commitment.  People's lives change, interests change, health changes and these all interact with our RSO members.  We have had losses to our RSO numbers lately due to all of the above.

If you are a safety conscious experienced firearms enthusiast, come out and give us a try.  See how you can contribute. 

Thank you for your efforts to keep shooting, as a safe activity. Please call with any questions or concerns: 541-604-0144. The fee for the class is $75.00.  Please mail $40 deposit to reserve your spot: Maureen N Rogers. 63930 N Hwy 97 Unit 49. Bend, OR 97701-8867.

Denny Morris
Rifle Pistol Director


2020 Scheduled

March 21; April 18; May 16;

June 20; July 18; August 15;

September 19; October 17

Action Pistol One


Action Pistol three


Action Pistol two