Rimrock Archery


Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m.
1st & 3rd Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m.


RR&GC members pay $ 5.00 per adult shooters
$ 3.00 for each child (under 18) to cover our target costs

Non-members pay $ 5.00 plus a $ 6.00 per adult facility fee (total $ 11.00)
Children (under 18) are not charged a facility fee.


Safety for ourselves as well as others MUST be the first concerns. The following are safety guidelines to observe, but common sense must also prevail. Thank you for taking the time to read through this important document. Never point a bow and arrow at another person. Never shoot an arrow straight up into the air. Never shoot an arrow into the distance where you can’t see where it will land.

1. Think safety at all times. Be aware of Mother Nature.
2. Please read Rimrock Range and RR&GC regulations and rules before you come to RR&GC range. The documents are on the RR&GC.com website.
3. All archers must check in at the Sporting Clays office and pay the fees to shoot archery.
4. Check your equipment for the safety of all concerned. Do not use damaged equipment.
5. Proceed to the starting sign and read some simple range instructions and expectations.
6. Do not sky draw your bow.
7. No broad heads, only field tip points. Long, Recurve, and Compound may be used.
8. Do not draw or shoot if anyone is down range from your target position.
9. No shooting except from designated shooting stands or in front of those stands.
10. Please hang or place your bow in a stand before walking to target and retrieving arrows.
11. Return to target stand, retrieve bow and move on to next stand.
12. If you see anything wrong on the range, please report the issue to a range officer or the Sporting Clays office.
13. Wood logs in line on the road mark the Rimrock Archery Range route to follow.
14. When you have reached the end of the course follow the signs to return to the parking lot or take the marked footpath over the berm to return to station one.
15. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the range.
16. Please pick up after yourself and deposit litter in plastic garbage can.
17. Bathroom are a porta potty located on the course at the start.
18. Handicap parking is provided at the Sporting Clays Office.