Action Pistol at RR&GC is self-defense shooting practice using a pistol. Shooters on the Action Pistol range are allowed to practice all of the skills needed to safely defend against threats.

At the Action Pistol Practice Range, new shooters will be greeted by staff members who are experienced Action Pistol threein introducing them to this next level shooting. Every shooter will receive a range orientation which will cover Action Pistol Practice Range procedures and safety issues in detail. Once the shooter has completed the orientation and his/her questions about range operation and procedures have been answered, the shooter will be asked to complete a shooting evaluation. This evaluation (which is described in detail elsewhere on the Action Pistol page) seeks to ensure that the shooter can safely handle their firearm while workingfrom the holster, and has reasonable accuracy when engaging multiple targets. The evaluation is not timed, and the exercise will be thoroughly explained to the shooter before they are asked to perform it. Upon successful completion of the shooting evaluation, the shooter will be issued a card which signifies that they are qualified to use the Action Pistol Practice Range.

Action Pistol twoThe Action Pistol Practice Range staff is happy to work with shooters who are new to this type of shooting activity, and can refer interested shooters to NRA Certified shooting instructors who offer training at RR&GC on a fee for services basis. In order to assist both newer and more experienced shooters in structuring their Action Pistol practicesessions, the staff maintains a notebook containing shooting drills which will guide the shooter through exercises which address a variety of shooting skills related to Action Pistol shooting. We are also constructing a notebook containing various shooting qualifier courses which will be available to those who are interested in testing their skills against established standards.


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