Welcome to Sporting Clays and 5 Stand!

sportingclays300SPORTING CLAYS:  Open every Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m.  Offering 50 and 100 targets.  Designed for the beginner to the advanced shooter.  There are course and target presentations that will fit well into any skill or competitive level.  Follow the signs to the Sporting Clays range. 

WEDNESDAY SHOOT:  Sporting Clays are open the first and third Wednesdays for 75 Target shoots.  The shoot begins for any and all shooters at noon sharp.  You must arrive and be ready before 12 p.m. to shoot.  Bring a friend to enjoy sporting clays.

 5-STANDA type of shotgun sport shooting similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet.  There are five stations, or stands and strategically placed clay target throwers (called traps).  Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of clay birds.  Five Stand always welcomes the new and seasoned shooter.  We also incorporate a warm up and training site along with a designated patterning area.  Numerous volunteers are making certain that this facility moves forwards towards the goals of discipline.

TRAINING/INSTRUCTION AREA:  Use a particular target for designated practice and a patterning station to check gun fit and choke choice if desired.

Great things just keep happening at Sporting Clays.  Volunteers keep the site going with weekly teams setting the courses,sportingtempresized filling machines, prepping the grounds and working in the Lodge.

We offer Sporting Clay courses to include a 50 Bird Green and a 50 Bird Black Diamond course.  The Green course offers all levels of shooters 5 stations with a total of 50 target presentations from 10 different views.  The Black Diamond course provides an additional 50 target presentations, from 5 stations of more advanced clays, appearing from 10 different presentations.

Five stand provides a fun shooting area where you can observe multiple birds from one location.  This area also incorporates a warm up and training site where you can repeatedly shoot one specific target to sportingclayresizebetter your skills.  Machines are being added to offer new looks.  Numerous volunteers are making certain that this facility moves forward towards the goals of the discipline.

The Shooting Shack "Lodge", now has electric heat and lights an inviting atmosphere to share with friends.  A flat screen TV with DVR and connection for a gun training camera viewing.  Volunteers at the desk are well informed of the course, and they are ready to assist you in specific shooter needs and memberships. 

There are tremendous benefits in volunteering.  So join us.  Thank you to all that contribute your time, energy and expertise!

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